Repair & Exchange

Bowl-Easy can offer to you to repair or exchange existing bowling electronics. In collaboration with Steltronic Bowl-Easy has an extensive exchange of products, which you send us the defective unit and we will immediately send you a replacement product.

By Steltronic repair your defective unit will be fully serviced and returned to the exchange program.

We also offer the possibility to repair defective bowling electronics. Our technical department has years of experience in the bowling industry.

You can find us for:

  • Chassis for AMF 82/70, 82 / 90XL(i).

  • Front end boxes for AMF.
Brunswick boxes / boards GS 92/96/98 and GS-X.

  • Foulline units of almost all brands.


Do you have a problem which you cannot solve or are you looking for support for (preventive) maintenance?

Then Bowl-Easy provides "Rent-a-Mechanic". We will send you an experienced specialist for your pinsetters.

Bowl-Easy can also make a inventory of your existing installation and create a maintenance plan for you, whether or not in combination with the "Rent-a-Mechanic".

For more information, please contact us on telephone +31-45-5350332

24/7 Steltronic Support

Do you have a defect device or a (urgent) Steltronic technical question, please contact during office with our office in Heerlen.

Outside office hours, please contact the Steltronic Service Department in Italy on telephone + 39 030 2190830.

Lane Machines

Bowl-Easy has both new and used Lanemachines. We have the latest Kegel machines, such as the Flex (Walker) and Ikon. We also have a varied selection of used machines.

  • Steltronic
  • Systeem300
  • Kegel
  • Pinspotter
  • ZOT