Bowling will never be the same 

With our unique IR Trackingbox, management system, mapped software,

sound system & projectors, we transform your bowling lanes

into an explosion of interactivity & visual effects.

The system works with 3 IR projectors which are installed at 2.90m above the lanes.

These projectors are sufficient to map a complete pair of lanes with effects.

The projection surface starts at the foulline and runs 16.5m towards the pins.

Via a touchscreen monitor on the counter, different effects can be

individually selected and played on each lane.

Give your club and league players completely new training options

Fun for all ages 

For questions or more information please call us  +31 45 535 03 32

  • Steltronic
  • Systeem300
  • Kegel
  • Pinspotter
  • ZOT