Center Development

New Center Development

Bowling is one of the world's most popular recreational activities, with more than 100 million active visitors annually. Bowling is an activity that can be played throughout the year by young and old. Bowling is the perfect combination of sport and fun.

Investing in bowling is a wise decision with a fast Return-on-Investment. Bowling as main activity or as an addition to your existing activities, guarantees a stable base of revenue.

Bowl-Easy has the experience and knowledge to be able to advise on all design and support you in your plans. Our independent position in the bowling industry allows us to offer exactly what you need, without being limited by the capabilities of one brand.

Besides the traditional (sports)bowling centers, today called. Recreational / Entertainment Centers, Lounge- and Boutique Bowling Centers Bowling Centers are very popular.
Seek advice from the experts at Bowl-Easy.

Center Modernization

Bowling is increasingly seen as an experience. That of course includes a animated scoring system or dazzling light effects. Automatic bumper for children are an addition to a fun day with friends and family.

Does your existing installation need a renovation or do you want to offer something new / unique to your guests?

Together with you, Bowl-Easy will look what possibilities there are for you to modernize center.

  • Replace your existing scoring system.
  • Upgrade your existing Steltronic Scoring. (Unique concept in the world!)
  • Applying or replacement of new overlay, whether or not in White Lanes Concept.
  • Replacement of (bumper) gutters.
  • Renew or upgrade your pinsetters.

We can make an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

  • Steltronic
  • Systeem300
  • Kegel
  • Pinspotter
  • ZOT